my vision

I don't know, where this house is, but it inspires me for my vision

Through my being, my words and my life, I will bring the love of the Goddess in the world. And every human and every animal I meet, I will teach about her love, her support and her guidance, as her daughter, who I am and her Priestess.

My vision is to create a place of encounter to the Goddess, to bring them back to the attention of the people again.

Through my life, my joy and my femininity I will represent the Goddess in me and honor her, and this by also allowing each other. ... like originally posted by Nelson Mandela:

Our greatest fear
Our greatest fear is not to be inadequate.
Our greatest fear is to be powerful beyond measure.
Our light, not our darkness frightens us most.
We ask ourselves, who am I that I should be so brilliant?
But who are you to not to be?
It serves not the world, if you make yourself small.
Be small carry on, so that other will not feel insecure around you, has nothing enlightened.
We were born to make manifest the glory that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it is in every individual.
And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission in order to do it well.
When we become free from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

In my vision, there's this, a mill ... a Farm ... an old town house ... or a little castle ... with a lot of land around it, where several people can live and work together; any way they can and what they like; whether this is by planting and harvesting of vegetables and flowers; taking care of there also live animals; through seminars, workshops and therapeutic services; by financial support, or what is otherwise beneficial.

By a loving, careful use together we honor ourselves, life, nature, and Goddess.

On this special place, there will be next to the everyday life, seminars, workshops, lectures and various treatment programs, with a focus on "the divine honor in me as I live my life with joy" - (before I die) true to the motto: "Do not be afraid that your life one day ends. Fear more that you fail to start it right. "

What belongs to me?

  • mutual love, respect and respect in dealing with one anotherspiritual development
  • Ordinary Festivals and Celebrations of Life
  • a temple dedicated to the goddess
  • energy Work
  • flower Essences
  • aromatic oils
  • energetic massage
  • work with inner images (Synergetics or Psycho bionics)
  • Meditation rooms, spa (sauna ....)
  • Garden of the Senses and Nutrition
  • Nature and animals
  • ... ..

But for me, a part of life also death is; and as the death in our society still a "shadow" side lives, I have also made the task as a Priestess of the Goddess and Avalon (Isle of the Dead) to give the end of a human life, dignity and respect again and it as a part of life and nature, to bring back into the consciousness of the people.

Worthy of death, for me, means the respect and honor of past and current life ... "decide to live until you die!" ... Preparing for death, the dying and the grief counseling of those left behind.

It is a vision if I can realize it, I do not know and will show up ... and if not, I may have put many small seeds and food for thought in the hearts of people who continue my vision and ... maybe one day realize.