Journey to Avalon – Beltane – 28.04.-05.05.2014



A journey into the heart chakra of the earth ... we heal our wounds during this trip. Due to psychological injury to the body, mind and soul in relation to our femininity, our bodies and our past relationships / partnerships


There are some timed appointments with ceremonies or other events; all other dates we can arrange according to your wishes.


Monday, 28.04.14
Departure from Luxembourg Airport at 15:15 h; enjoying the short flight , for example, with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine and orange , plus a coffee or tea and a sandwich (served by Luxair )
At the airport in London, I 'll pick you and we continue by bus to Glastonbury . About 21:00 h we will achieve Glastonbury and make our way to our overnight accommodation . Sue will be there waiting with a cup of tea for us .

Tuesday, 29.04.14
14:00 h New Moon Healing Ceremony in the Goddess Temple

Wednesday, 30.04.14
19:30 h Beltane ceremony at the Goddess Hall

Thursday, 01.05.14
07:00 h Beltane ceremony in the garden of Chalice Well
12:00 h flowering-meditation (wheel of the year), also in the garden of Chalice Well

Friday, 02.05.14
05:00 - 19:00  
full day tour with Priestess Georgina

0500am departure from St Johns Sq in Glastonbury
Sunrise private access to Stonehenge Circle
Guided tour of Avebury Stone Circle
Ceremony at Swallowhead
Guided tour to West Kennet Long Barrow
A stop at Silbury Hill
Return to Glastonbury for about 7pm

Saturday, 03/05/14
08:00 - 11:00 h we be in the Goddess Temple at the sole disposal – meditation and exercises for healing of our heart chakra

Sunday, 05/04/14
For free planning / organization

Depending on the weather and mood it is planned:
- More visits to the Goddess Temple
- Hike up to the Tor, Michael's Tower
- Chalice Well Garden
- White Spring (open 13:30 - 16:30 h , except Wednesdays & Thursdays )
- Glastonbury Abbey
- Visit to the sacred hawthorn bush on the Wearyall Hill
- Visit of Brigid's mouth
- Visiting various churches (Lady Mary , St. John's, ... ) and Sanctuaries ( Mary Magdalene , ...)
- Meditation walk through the small labyrinth at St. John's Church
- Chalice Hill
... and of course  shopping moment by the numerous New Age Shops ... until our eyes will shine and our hearts jumps with joy

Monday, 05/05/14
At 09:00 h it’s time to say goodbye to this magical place ; we take the bus back to London ( we drive past Stonehenghe and we can see the stone circle again from the bus) and fly 16:00 h back to Luxembourg , enjoying again the short flight , with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine with orange to finish this wonderful trip , also a coffee or tea and a sandwich (served by Luxair ) , against 18:15 h we land in Luxembourg ; from where it goes back to Merzig .

Let us once again the journey pass in review before we go apart and it again goes for everyone back home.

Remember, Glastonbury sprayed at this time just so full of life and joy all around. Pack in your suitcase everything that supports your femininity ; from the miniskirt to the long flowing dress ; Flowers for the hair, lush jewelry, etc. ... and the color " red " should dominate , because it is Beltane , the time of the goddess Rhiannon , goddess of love.