Lady of Avalon- painted by Caroline Lir


Lady of Avalon and Morgene la Fey

They are the keepers of the ancient Mysteries, and the old folk; of the hidden knowledge of goddess.

They walk between the worlds of this-worldly and other-worldly and lead us through the veil of mist of unawareness, in order to connect us with the ancient knowledge, of all our past lives, ancestors and cultures and to the goddess.

Avalon is everywhere, where we make the leap through the mist to get into the other world and connection to goddess and the ancient knowledge.

Avalon preserves the ancient mysteries for us until we find the way.

The Lady shows us the way and helps us, the knowledge in us again to reactivate and teaches us how to deal with the mysteriesof life ... time ... magic ... unconditional love ... knowledge ... power ... all-one-ness ... through the connection with goddess and nature.

Her color is lilac

Her animal is the cat

Morgene la Fey with her fairies and elves are at her side

Her tree is apple-tree

Her flowers areBuddleiaand magnolia

Her aroma-oil is tuberose