my altar for Rhiannon


Rhiannon (age 20-30 years)

Goddess of love, sexuality and sensuality.

At Beltane, where it is blossom everywhere in the nature and everythingexplodes; Rhiannon gives us her power and desire to exude us and multiply. On the one hand we are seeking union with a partner to multiply us, as well as nature takes place the pollination of flowers, on the other hand, however, we also allow the partners profound encounter with the goddess in us, through the sexual act and our yoni. Each orgasm makes us forget for a moment of all/each control and at the same time so full of power and so powerful. It is "like a little death" if we lose control and drop us.

Rhiannon so full of energy and power, which can explode us and nature. She exudes in their passion, their sensuality, their colors and smells.

Her color is red, like the blood of life that flows through our bodies, as well as the blood that indicates women of their fertility, the blood of our womb, which our fruit / child nourished during pregnancy.

Her animals are the white mare and the birds.

Morgene Thetis is at her side

Her tree is hawthorn

Her flowers are roses, liliesand orchids

Her aroma-oils are: Rose, ylang-ylang, Champaca, Sandalwood, Jasmine

Her time of the day is the powerful, heatedlynoon, between 11-14 h

Planet: Venus – planet of love and  devotion; sexuality and sensibility