my altar for Ker


Ker (age 40-50 years)

Mother Goddess, she who feeds us and protects us, like the pregnant woman who nourishes the unborn child until it is born, she also nourishes us with what she produces.

She shows us the abundance of life and nature, as her golden corn, which we takes for our bread.

What had seeded in springtime (Bridie), now could get shown in the abundance of the nature. As same in our life, we feel, if we had nourished in our life and will still get nourished further.

Slowly our children gets adult and leaves our home; and we can feel our abundance for ourselves.

Nature gives us, what we needs and more, so we can stock for the winter.

Her colors are the yellow of the sunshine and the gold of the corn.

Kers animals, are the deer and horned domestic animals, the shep, the goat, the cow, which us also nourishes with their milk and their meat and protect us with their wool.

Morgene Glitenea is with her

Her tree is ash

And her flowers are the golden corn, sunflower and gladioli

Her aroma-oils are: Oats, chamomile, rosemary, anise, fennel

Her time of the day, is the early evening (17-20 h) when we stop our work and prepare our dinner.

Planet: Mars - planet of theactivityand the protection