my altar for Domnu


Domnu, (age 30-40 years)

She’s the goddess of the water and the emotion.

She is who brings everything flowing, everything in movement; she who churning up us, back and forth pushes; whipped us up against the wall or gently swings, and the tides ebb and flow.

All emotions are her, the soft and the strong, the gentle and aggressive, the positive and negative.

She is our social contact outside and our working together … there is always much to do.

Her is the rain in the nature, even the tears of our body. Our Earth and our body, mostly be with water and our feeling and thoughts be determined by our emotions.

Domnu, goddess of the spring and the lake, the creek, the river and the ocean, and her creatures of the water: salmons, defines, wales and seals …also ever in movement, always be swimming.

Her colors, are the colors of the sea – blue and turquoise

Morgene Gliten be with her

Her tree is Oak

Her flowers are blue iris, water lilyandlavender

Her aroma-oils are: Lavender, honey, neroli, iris, violet

Her time is the highest level of the sun, the sommer-solistice and the long active days, even the full-moon, who let us be also active at night and without sleep.

Domnus time of the day, is the afternoon, between 14-17 h, when we still be busy again and dreaming of the end of the work and leisure time.

Planet: Earth - planetof water,emotions and movement