my altar for Danu


Danu (> 70 years)

Goddess of the air; Goddess of the winter; Goddess of the end and the new beginning; Goddess between the times; the time between breathing out and breathing in; the time between death and rebirth; the time of stillness, peace and inner contemplation; but also she is the beginning of new life in the concealed.

In human life, she is the very old woman, but also the soul before rebirth, as well as the pregnancy in where the baby is growing up in secret.

Danu is the everlasting hope, the spark, the thought, the inspiration ....
the moment in which the wheel stops for a moment and again begins to turn.

The human being and the nature, perceived dying on the outside, but already begins in the depth the new life.

All the knowledge of a life ... of a year ... or even many lives ... many years ... we return to the place from where we left.

Danu brings us the death of the ancient, from which news arises.

At death, we have been alone, "all-one" with ourselves and are wise over the years and lives … of experience ... of memories ... of knowledge

When we go and when we come, everyone goes alone on his path and through the gate - from the world - or - in the world ... and we bring all knowledge, all wisdom with us ... and forget ...

Her color is the silver lining and the purple of the dawn

Her animals are the owl, the buzzard and the eagle

Morgene Thyronoe is at her side

Her tree is Holly

Her flowers are the Rose of Jericho and the Christmas rose

Her aroma-oils are arabian frankincense, myrrh and eucalyptus

Unlike Domnu, where everything at the peak of doing, the activity is, … is Danu the lowest point of life, when everything stops for a moment and be still; the deepest position of the sun at the winter solstice;

and the dark moon at new moon.

Her time of the day, is the night, when we deep in our dreams, the time before the dawn, when the night is darkest (2-5 h)

Planet: Uranus - planet of individuality, the flash of inspiration, cognition and openness to new things to make them fruitful