my altar for Ceridwen


Ceridwen (age 60-70 years)

Keeper of the cauldron of transformation, who can changes everything, by recognizinglooking back, what was important for us or is, and that we are alone are responsible for ourselves.

Life gets calmer, the work is done, now it is time for reflection and letting go, what’s not longer necessary to capture the essenceof everythingto peelout.

Letting go always has to do with pain and sorrow, and therefore confronts us Ceridwen. With our own pain, our own wounds and injuries and let us accept our past life and let us be, in respect for all of who and what has happened to us. Respect and esteem also towards those, who have gone from us, who have taught and loved us, and the sorrow for them, we can feel deep inside us.

Unlike Rhiannon, which has the union and the love of others as mirror-focused, leads us Ceridwen to the love deep within us, to ourselves, because at the end there is staying/being only ourselves.

The transformation is when I myself assume so and love, as I am and love unconditionally can also send out.

The search is over, when we have found ourselves.

Her colors are the black of the night and midnight-blue.

Her animals are the creatures of the night: toad, crown and the white sow

Morgene Mazoe is at her side

Her tree is Yew

Her flower is Winter Heath

Her aroma-oils are: Immortelle, vetiver, sage, tea tree, Tonka

Her time of the day is the night, when we process and say goodbye to the day and fall into sleep and our dreams (23-2 h)

Planet: Saturn - Planet of the shadow, of letting go and transformation