my altar for Bridie


Bridie(age 0-10 years)

she is the youngest Goddess, the Maiden-Goddess on the wheel of life.

But she also is a Fire-Goddess, full of energy and power.

She is she, who  awakes us with the rod, she gets from the Cailaich of the winter; she, who call us out of our hibernation; she, who sends us new ideas; she, who brakes the ice of the ground, so that new life can came above; she who presses the Baby out of our womb, through the small birth canal into life.

Her energies but also includes the delicate innocence, the gentleness and softness that can become soften a hard heart.

Her transforming smithcraft separates and cuts, what not longer be necessary, same as bushes and trees get separate and cut from the old and death branches, so that they could not longer take the energy which get needed from the new branches.

She’s also the healingenergy of the wells and of the gold. At Imbolc (1./2. February)we could feel, that the days gets longer and that the golden light of the sun gets stronger and more and activates the self- healing-energy in our body.

She also gives us the muse and the poetry, gentle sounds, which joins our heart.

The new ideas, we plant now, must be nurtured and cared for, so they will bring abundance at the summer in our life.

So as we be nurtured and cared for in our childhood and be encouragedpositive, so we will grow up and blossom as an adult person, which knows and value themselves.

Her color is with, like innocence and purity of a child.

Her animals are the snake, the swan, the unicorn and the wolf

On her side there is Morgene Thetis

Her tree is willow

Her flowers are the white snowdrops, the crocus and the yellow broom, which tells us in wintertime, that the spring is not far.

Her aroma oil is Tangerine, Litsea, Bergamot, Benzoe

And her time of the day, is the early morning between 5-8 h, when we awakes from the night and our sleep.

Planet: Neptun - Planet of the art, music and the connection & the longing for the lost paradise (mother’s womb and from where we came)