my altar for Banba


Banba (age 50-60 years)

Mother Earth, Gaia.

She represents the autumn of the year, even the autumn of our life. She shows as the harvest of our planting at springtime (Artha) in the nature, as same in our life, we could see, where we are, after our decisions of school and profession and bring us the harvest of our life (or that now our children will nourishes us further).

Banba gives us abundance and harvest for the winter stock – the inner time, the calm time.

We stop our blooding mysteries and hold and let the energy inside of us.

Her colors, are the colors of autumn: dark red, brown, orange and dark (hunter) green

Her animals are mouse, fox and badger

Morgene Moronoe is at her side

Her tree is beech

And her flowers are asters, dahlias and hydrangeas

Her aroma-oils are: Orange, honey, blackberry

Her time is the autumn-equinox and the half-moon which rise down. The light issignificantly less and life and activity gets calmer.

Her time of the day is the evening, when we enjoy our diner and relax (20-23 h)

Planet: Jupiter - planet offortune, generosity and growth