my altar for Artha


Artha (age 10-20 years)

Artha is the young Goddess of the wheel, with the sparkling energy of a teenager, which is born to be wild.

She brings the new ideas to life; now is the time to plant, what will be harvested later; in the garden or in the nature; also in our life.

Was Bridie cared at home, Artha, now goes outside with her plants which will be harvested in summer and autumn; as also in our life, we are going to school, friends and find a job, …. to be harvested in the autumn of our life.

Artha, with her sparkling energy awakes our ideas and let us be creative and dance and play.

Her element is the fire, which awakes and strength our life-energy with the sunlight. And with her fire, we begin with our blood-mysteries.

Her color is green, the young green of the leafs from the dark trees and the young grass from the ground.

Her animals are the great she-bear, which shines up from the sky in the night, the cat and the hare.

Morgene Cliton is with her.

Her tree is hazel.

Her flowers are the springflowers: primroses, daffodils and tulips

Her aroma-oils are: Peppermint,Cedar

Her time is the spring equinox of the sun, even the half-moon which rises up.

She also is the busyandlivelymorning between 8-11 h.

Planet: Mercury – planet of communication, social network and dancing