about me

Sommer 2012 in Glastonbury

My name is
Pia Martha Fuchsen ,
most of my life, always addressed only by my first name " Pia " .
I was born on a Friday the 13th
in November of 1964 , in Bitburg .
I grew up in a small village called Nattenheim about 300 souls , in the South Eifel .

 After I was 17, I lived about 20 years in Bitburg, before I moved for good 10 years in the Pfalz , and from there to the Saarland , where I now live in a suburb of Merzig .

 After the divorce from my first husband, I've started to look for my spiritual path and way.
I've tried some forms of therapy and was most influenced by my training in the Synergetic Therapy (today Psycho Bionics - Bernd Joschko ) - Working with internal images ; as well as my training at Anne Rensing (Iris Flora - Mauel ) work and making flower essences and process-oriented work with flower essences ; as well as numerous other courses on the effect of essential oils , energy massage, Reiki , among others

From 2000 - 2010 I was working in my own practice / seminar center and worked to individual treatments , lectures , workshops and seminars.
Likewise, there were regular evenings with active meditations and the wheel of the year.

Since 2009 I work part-time , again as a nurse ; in a low-threshold drug-help-center. I like working there because I like the people I meet there; but even they belong to a theme with which our society would have nothing to do . I take care of drug addicts there with my nursing knowledge and an open heart.

My independent work in my seminar center in the Pfalz ( Miesau ), I have completed in 2010 from private and family reasons.

During my second marriage (2002-2012) , I got through deep crises and more and more I lost of my spiritual path , until I took the bull by the horns and broke out of my marriage.

After I spend a number of years through the maelstrom of life, a long time I felt no more ground under my feet , until I found in the summer of 2012 slowly back on my spiritual path... and this path led me to Avalon.

A journey in August 2012 , with my long-time girlfriend , Hella to Glastonbury / England, brought the certainty that was opened to me a way that I had probably ever elected ... Once upon a time ago and to which I again returned now .

The reputation of Avalon and the Goddess , let me regularly travel to Glastonbury / Avalon now , where I am trained by Erin McCauliff and
Kathy Jones to become a Priestess of the Goddess and Avalon .

Where exactly will take me this way I do not know ... I go my way , step by step ... one step after the next ... to my vision ....